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Celebrate the Green by Saving a Little Green! During the month of March, Skaia by Ayden Sadari is on sale for $7.99! If you haven't tried out SLPG's signature historical romance set amidst the rise of the Roman Empire, be sure to give it a shot and let us know what you think!

Synopsis: Skaia was only a child when his village was burned and his family killed by Julius Caesar's troops in their attempt to add all of Gaul to the Roman Empire. Sold as a slave in Rome, he adjusts to his life in the Suetonius family, with the help of other slaves and the friendship of his young master, Glaucus. When Glaucus leaves for his tour of Greece, marking his official entry into manhood, Skaia is left behind, to the doubtful mercies of Glaucus' father, Thaddeus. Again, he adjusts and his life turns out far differently than he ever imagined, as he befriends and loves multiple generations of the family that owns him.

Warnings:Violence, Language, Graphic Sexual Scenes, Non-Con, Dub-Con

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